Large project – eCommerce – Marketplace

Geechoo is a marketplace, where creative and like-minded people can communicate, network, buy and sell unique Art and Art related products. With the awesome tools within the carefully crafted site, the user can buy directly from sellers around the world. There are several other features like, option to bargain online, set up their own gallery, payment platform, add custom product options and much more.
Service Provided: : Digital Strategy, Corporate Branding, Logo Design, UI/UX Design, Testing, Vector Graphics, Software Development, Maintenance

Handcrafted Features

5 D – Process" Discover Define Design Develop Deliver"


Geechoo is different from other e-commerce portals in the way we deal with Sellers and Buyers, alike. We, ensure that as Sellers, your product is not lost in the crowd and it is efficient to Sell. And as Buyers, it is simple, easy and hassle-free to Buy unique products from the Sellers, which may not be available in the market. The site needed tools to set up their own gallery, payment platform, add custom variations like size, color, pricing and more.


The goal of the site was to create a different and unique online shopping experience and also provide tools for the user to manage their store without having to have any technical knowledge. Geechoo is a worldwide platform to run the business from anywhere and sell to millions around the world.


Shaping ideas into brilliant designs. We researched, discovered, defined and designed everything to set the tone for the company’s successful branding. From logo design to aesthetically pleasing UI design, our team customized every section of the site that resonates well with the target audience and delivers desired results. We added several latest technology to help the user to set up their own online store and add thousands of products for sale.


Though it’s important to focus a great deal of attention on the design, it is equally important that the software and latest technology developed also work optimally with the design to avoid conflicts. Our experienced developers worked closely with our designers and made sure that the user-friendly, engaging, navigable, adaptable, mobile responsive and SEO friendly website is perfect.


After testing the site in and out, we made sure to deliver a robust, clean looking, secure and scalable site on time.

Primary features:

  • Set up your own Gallery.
  • Add products and Set your prices.
  • Advertise and Showcase your products in one place.
  • Manage inventory effectively.
  • Social Networking platform to interact with other Buyers/Sellers.
  • Product Bulk Upload
  • Cross Platform Links
  • Messaging to keep in touch with other Buyers/Sellers.
  • Recommend your product to others, sharing reviews and feedback.
  • Online Bargain
  • Payment Platform
  • Multiple Shipping Options
  • Text Alerts